Nafplion, the first capital city of Greece and today’s capital of Argolida is one of the most charming and popular areas of Greece. Preserved castles, restored mansions, houses with tiled roofs, historic churches, the Old Town and the big squares are just a few of the elements that will accompany the visitor from the very first moment. Apart from the natural beauty, Nafplion hides a huge history since it has played a particularly important role in Greek history. On the hill of Nafplion is built the most important achievement of Venetian architecture, the “fortress of Palamidi”. Today access to the fortress, which served as a prison after the Greek Revolution, is possibly by going up the 999 steps of the castle, compensating visitors with its magnificent view. On the island of “Saint Theodore”, opposite Nafplion, stands the “fortress Burdzi”, which during the 19th century became the place of execution of the prisoners. In addition, visitors can enjoy pleasant moments in the city center or the beach.