Although it is relatively untouched by international tourists, Nafpaktos is a town well-known to the Greeks. Having a Medieval charm and a fairytale vibe, Nafpaktos never fails to charm visitors. Its small Venetian port, laid-back beaches, and lush green landscape make Nafpaktos a beautiful destination to visit! . The picturesque Nafpaktos port is arguably the trademark of this little town. Apart from the colorful boats that moor there during the summer, at Nafpaktos port, you’ll also see a statue of Cervantes, who lost his arm in a naval fight close to Nafpaktos during the Medieval times. From the port of Nafpaktos starts a beautiful long beach that stretches for many meters and is the perfect option for a plunge near town. On a hill above Nafpaktos town sits an imposing Venetian castle with a breathtaking view of the sea and the opposite coasts of Peloponesse. It’s worth a visit!If you are in a mood for a road trip, you should set off to explore the nearby Delphi, Olympia, Messolonghi and the many seaside villages of the region!